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Autumn 2014

Autumn has arrived, and the crisp, cool air is rolling in! Being in Rochester is the best – there are orchards with juicy apples and festive pumpkins in every direction.We are well into scheduling autumn take downs of tension awnings, custom canopies, and any seasonal Sperry structures. Knock on wood, we have been able to wait […]

TGIF Photo Post

Happy New Year, readers!  We rung in the new year with new cloth – Sperry tents are back in production, along with some large custom jobs that will be going up this spring. Have a wonderful weekend! Now is a great time of year to daydream about sunshine.  If your imagination is excellent and you […]

TGIF, and batten down the hatches!

Happy Friday, everyone!  We hope your storm preparations are going well and smoothly.  Today might be a busy day for us, potentially taking down and securing awnings all over the state.  It will be even busier for Sperry Tents, with 20+ scheduled events this Saturday night, that will need to be broken down very quickly […]

TGIF Photo Post!

Our shipments of tent cloth have been running up against increasing delays, causing difficulties with tent production. Click below to see pictures of our cloth shipment: finally, it’s here!

TGIF Photo Post

Haiti SoftHouse Update

The loft floor was a sea of green for a couple of weeks, with many piles of softhouse walls in various stages of completion.  For a project like this, we  work in assembly line mode, with  every person in charge of a different stage of production.  From cutting to welding to door, window, and wall […]

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