Happy Friday, readers! We’ve been very busy, and as a result this is our first TGIF photo post in a while. Here are a few gems for you…

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Savannah Series

Sperry Tents D.C., the most recent Licensed Territory, has ordered a 40′ x 60′ Savannah Series Tent.  With the success of the Savannah Series Pavilion owned by Sperry Tents Marion, it is becoming increasingly apparent that a custom wood framed tent is an important investment for extra special events and locations.

Don, our resident carpenter, started early in milling and bending the large, curved spars.  Since then, the process has mainly been a whirlwind of sanding and varnishing.  Varnishing can be an enjoyable, meditative process, but it does take time – especially when surprising rain showers pop up on an otherwise clear day.  We find that Marine Varnish provides the best finish for an outdoor structure.  The finish is resistant to the elements and very sturdy when it comes to withstanding scrapes and bruises.

With the varnishing completed (as of yesterday), we have begun work on the side walls and canopy portions of the tent.  Because the size of this tent slightly differs from the Sperry Tents Pavilion, every part has been tweaked and redesigned slightly to ensure a custom fit and the simplest possible set-up.  While these tents were originally designed to be long-term installed structures,  popularity at weekend events has encouraged us to streamline the set-up process and storage as much as possible.

The first Savannah Series tent - the Sperry Tents Marion Pavilion, harborside in Marion, MA.

Before the tent makes the long journey to its new home in Washington D.C. we will run a complete set up and inspection here at the barn. A tailored fit is essential for a tent of this size and quality, and in addition – it would be disappointing for us to send it out without seeing the results of our hard work!

The Savannah Series has been a long time in planning (years of designing and tweaking for Matt Sperry). Each unique incarnation is a joy to behold, and we are delighted by the positive feedback we have been receiving.

To see more photos of the Savannah Series, follow this link to the gallery.

Stay tuned for more photos as we move along.

TGIF photo post!

Light from the disco ball helps with tent-building.

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TGIF, and batten down the hatches!

Happy Friday, everyone!  We hope your storm preparations are going well and smoothly.  Today might be a busy day for us, potentially taking down and securing awnings all over the state.  It will be even busier for Sperry Tents, with 20+ scheduled events this Saturday night, that will need to be broken down very quickly before the storm hits.

This week we enjoyed the cooler, drier weather, and sighed to see the return of the humidity.  But!  We have tent cloth, and lots of interesting custom projects, so all is well in terms of productivity.

The colorful webbing straps are aesthetically pleasing and color-coded for the ease of fly set-up!

Those colorful straps go with roofs and shade flies for Rapid Deployment Modules. The walls are solid, but the roofs are made from cloth.

Check out the Cricket Systems website for some really fun videos about these structures!

Our patch cloth seems to be getting larger with every shipment. . . .

Are you out there, Sam? If we didn't know better, we might think you were messing with us. . . 900 lbs is a lot to move by hand.

Good luck in the storm, and have a great weekend.

Hurricane Season Service Reminder

It’s that time of year again – for a Hurricane Season Service Reminder.

If there is a storm forecast for this area we will become busy very quickly, so please call us as soon as you know you might want your tent or awning disassembled. While our products are quite sturdy, hurricanes are messy and can do a great deal of damage to secure fabric structures. We’re here at 774.849.3505 between 7 and 5 on weekdays.

Here are some helpful links for hurricane tracking and weather forecasts:

National Hurricane Center

Weather Underground

TGIF Photo Post!

Photo courtesy of Michael Keirstead, Regional Sales Manager for Sperry Tents Marion.

Our shipments of tent cloth have been running up against increasing delays, causing difficulties with tent production.

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TGIF Photo Post

Our new (to us) old Singer machine, complete with table!

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A Question for Our Readers

Dear Readers,

We would like to ask your opinion on something.  Please, oblige me for a moment and imagine that you have never seen this website.  Maybe you heard of us by word of mouth, or maybe you have never heard of us and are simply searching for a tent and awning manufacturer in a convenient location.  Imagine that you go to your search engine of choice, and now here is the important part:  What words do you type in that lead you to our website?  Please, leave us a comment with the words you would use to find us.  Key words are an important part of a conveniently referenced website, and we want to make ours as accessible as possible.

Thanks very much!



Project Spotlight: The Lilly Awning and Custom Sides

Our latest custom project was an awning and matching sidewalls for a beach house on Cape Cod.  For this project we used Herculite Natura cloth – a type of vinyl that features the look and feel of woven cloth.  This cloth is extremely versatile – waterproof, with excellent test results for resistance to abrasion, fire, oil, mildew, and chemicals.  It can be stitched or welded, and is equally flexible in hot and cold climates.

The custom tension awning mimics the shape of a canopy, but attaches to the wall of the building instead of having a free-standing center pole.

Each individual side has two enclosed batons for added weight in high winds.  They fit tightly to the wooden frame,  but allow breezes to pass above each wall and circulate air on the deck.

The wooden frame was built in our wood shop out of Douglas Fir – a timber widely used for building because of its strength, durability, and resistance to decay.


The deck will now be a peaceful, protected seating area – perfect for relaxing or entertaining.  For more information about having a structure like this built for your home, please visit our Request a Quote page or call us at 774.849.3505.

A view of the canopy from underneath.

TGIF Photo Post!

We’ve had a lot going on lately!  Summer is always our busiest time of the year, and the last couple of months have lived up to our expectations.  We have a lot of wonderful new commissions underway, and some exciting new publicity.

Look for us in the Summer edition of Cape Cod Home Magazine.

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