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Disco time is back again. The sun has to be at the right angle to come through the skylights – it seems we are in luck in Spring and Fall!

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Project Spotlight: The Castle Hill Inn

The tent at night – a luminous experience.
photo by UP Studios

The first season of the new tent at the Castle Hill Inn is coming to a close. The tent has hosted many weddings and special events, and we have been thrilled to see all kinds of positive feedback up on the web as more and more happy couples held their receptions on the terrace. We have seen tons of really fantastic design decisions, and so much beautiful photography from these events.

One of the most striking things about the new tent is the sheer amount of space available for decorating, dinner, and dancing. This is the largest Savannah Series tent that we have built to date, and knowing the technical square footage before installation is very different from seeing the light filter through the high, open ceilings. Event planners and designers have been able to utilize all of that space for some very exciting items – palm trees, for example!

Want a small forest at your wedding? Why not!
photo by Jaclyn L Photography

This tent at the Castle Hill Inn is a 54′ x 110′ custom design from our Savannah Series.  The frame is varnished eastern white pine, and the cloth panels are Herculite® Natura – a long-lasting vinyl that we use for many long-term installations. Part of the custom design featured by this tent is a direct connection to the Inn’s Chalet building, with gutters to collect rain where the tent joins the wall. The fabric sidewalls are a mixture of clear and solid, leaving the fantastic view unhindered, while also providing caterers a measure of privacy for staging behind the scenes.

With high ceilings and a clear, center-pole free expanse within, the possibilities are endless.
photo by Shawn Thomas Potrzuski

We look forward to seeing more images from events under the tent, and I am sure they are booking quickly for next season. Are you a photographer who has worked an event at the Inn? I would love to see your pictures! As always, I can be reached via e-mail at

If you are interested in a Savannah Series tent for your home or venue, please feel free to contact us any time at 774.849.3505.

Follow these links to see posts about events under the tent with incredible photography and event planning. I can’t get enough of them, and I’m sure you will enjoy them as well!

Project Spotlight: Mass Maritime Custom Canopy

This spring we built and installed a new Custom Canopy for the Mass Maritime Academy in Buzzards Bay, MA. It was our pleasure to provide a new sailcloth canopy for such a prestigious center for nautical education.

The tent replaces an older model they had commissioned with us that had been used for a number of years. This tent will be used for graduation, as well as many other events on the campus. With their long sea-faring history, it is only fitting that Mass Maritime use one of our signature Sailcloth tents for special events on campus.

On the Academy’s Homepage, they have a beautiful photo of the campus where you can see our tent off to the left. We are delighted that they enjoy our tent and get so much use from it. If you’re interested in a custom canopy of your own, please give us a call at 774.849.3505. Our spring schedule is filling up fast, and we are thrilled to have a busy winter ahead of us!

Thank goodness – it’s Friday – This is the photo post!

We love the way light comes through a white pergola awning! All the brightness, none of the glare. This one was installed yesterday on Martha’s Vineyard!

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TGIF Photo Post – Happy Fall, Happy Friday!

I know the equinox was last week, but the air is still crisp and the leaves are still turning. Break out the caramel apples!

We love these glasses – we’ll wear them any excuse we get.

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Project Spotlight: Pergola at the Bay Club in Mattapoisett, MA

This summer we installed a new pergola awning at the Bay Club in Mattapoisett, MA. The outdoor dining area was in need of some shade, and we built a custom awning out of our favorite Sunbrella®. The decision-makers selected Burgundy, a lovely deep color that matches the existing patio umbrellas – and some of the flags on the surrounding golf course!

A pergola awning is an unusual project for us – the structures we build are usually based more on tension than frames. A pergola is a very nice option, however, and provides a permanently-installed platform for a seasonal fabric cover. The pergola frame provides a pleasant outdoor space that protects from harsh and direct sunlight, while an optional cover offers even more protection from sunlight and also from rain and weather.

For even more protection, we installed some custom clear sidewalls last week. These sidewalls provide protection from bugs, as well as protection from wind and rain without hindering the view. The clear “glass” is actually a thick-gauge clear vinyl, which is very sturdy and easy to clean.  Clear glass sides also help to preserve the view while extending the outdoor season, as they will block autumn winds and interiors can be heated to a certain point to maintain a cozy atmosphere.

If you’d like a pergola awning or some custom sidewalls for your own outdoor space, you know where to find us!

Project Spotlight: Custom Canopies in Palm Beach, FL

Several years ago, we built some custom canopies for a private estate in Palm Beach, Florida.  These small poolside cabanas shelter and reduce the glare to an art collection. Never fear – the art is framed in a protective way as well – our canopies are not their only source of protection from the elements. The bright, tropical sun slightly accelerated the natural lifespan of the first generation of canopies, and we rebuilt and installed the new ones in August.

This trio of awnings really lucked out on location – they have a nice view of the pool, the ocean off to the left, and a beautiful green lawn. Not to mention the statuary and framed art that they shelter. We built these awnings out of Firesist® , a fabric with an excellent UV resistance rating and fun color options that include classic solids and stripes.

Three Canopies

The long-distance section of our client directory is growing steadily, and we are excited to be installing fabric structures in new places around the country (soon – the world?). This autumn we will have big installations in Texas and Maryland, stay tuned to read more about them!


Project Spotlight: Tension Awning in Duxbury, MA

A Cadet Grey Sunbrella® awning, installed this spring.

It’s that time again – for another project spotlight! We got to build two awnings this spring out of Sunbrella® in Cadet Gray, a very nice neutral that we have not worked with much before. We installed this lovely specimen in May, while the gardens were happily in bloom, before the excessive heat of this summer hit.

The relatively extreme twist of this awning is a great example of the anatomy of a tension awning. In any direction, rain will slide down and away, preventing any potentially harmful pooling on the surface of the cloth. Our talented woodworkers give the straight, simple posts a casual elegance. The attachments to the house and rock wall provide stability, while the awning is still able to move slightly in weather, maintaining a healthy flexibility.

Duxbury Tension Awning from Below

What a lovely spot to relax in the shade!

One of the many details that make a tension awning like this unique is its customized design. Rather than building standard awnings in a ready-to-install fashion, we take the location and client’s wishes into consideration a great deal. If you are interested in an awning like this, or like these, please give us a call!

Thank goodness – a long weekend!

Happy Labor Day Weekend, readers!

My condolences to those of you heading back to school. My congratulations to anyone enjoying this break from the extreme summer heat we experienced this year (I know I am!)

We will be closed Monday for the holiday. Please feel free to leave us a message at 774-849-3505, or e-mail us at!

And now, on to the photos!

I’m really fond of these photos from the day we set up the new 83′ x 83′. I just love the way the different panels meet up with the peak!

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TGIF Photo Post

Xan is back! We missed her while she was away having all the fun on her honeymoon!

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