TGIF Photo Post

Everyone ready for some more snow? I know I am not!

It’s Friday, and we’ve been making all kinds of things this week.

Matt and Xan inspect a new style of window.

Product testing!


Routing electrical channels. . .


and prepping something on a rafter.

The wood shop wins the award for most interesting projects this week! Better luck next week, tent-makers upstairs. One hundred clear sides is just not as thrilling.

Bundle up and have a great weekend, readers!

Thank goodness it’s snowing. . .

I couldn’t stand the suspense anymore!


But there it is, out through the door. A winter wonderland!


Sometimes the carpentry shop looks like a mad sculpture garden.


But everything comes together pretty well towards the end.

High Fashion Lucy 2

Lucy had a photo shoot the other day. . . doesn’t she look fabulous? She’s a little shy about posing for the camera.

Have a great weekend, readers. Stay safe, and enjoy your hot cocoa!

Project Spotlight: the Sperry Arch


This winter we have been developing a new structure. The new Sperry Arch has been both inspired and informed by experiences constructing our wood-framed Savannah series tents. On a smaller scale, similar rafters and a strong, handcrafted wooden support structure make a wonderful connector, walkway, entryway, or stand-alone shelter. The Sperry arch is similar in function to a self-sufficient pergola with a graceful, arched appearance.


The dimensions of the main Arch are 16’4″ across on the inside and 18′ x 10″ outside.  This has been specially designed for a double-wide tent to tent connection between two of our signature Sperry Tents, and the elegant hard-wood flooring that Sperry Tents providers use for event rentals.


The dimensions of the small Arch are 10’6″ inside, and 14’x10′ outside. These are perfectly suited to a smaller profile entryway or walkway for Sperry events and use for private homes and gardens.


Shown here with two 32 foot round Sperry tents, the connector and entrance Arches are in their element. Both have edging string-lines that will allow for clear or solid sidewalls to be attached in inclement weather. If you use your imagination, it is possible to think of any number of useful spaces for such a sheltering arch. Between a house and a free-standing garage, perhaps. Or sheltering an outdoor seating area that receives too much direct sunlight during the middle of the day. Part of what we like about this structure is its versatility – and, of course, its elegant, varnished appearance. The entire structure is manufactured here in our wood-shop, and our carpenters have done a fantastic job with them.

Later this spring, we will be installing at least two custom archways as shade structures for hospitality venues. Stay tuned to see some pictures of the arches free-standing with a view onto some spectacular scenery!


On the floor this week. . .

We are into winter production mode – this is the relatively quiet part of our year. In anticipation of many expected springtime orders, we are taking advantage of the lull to regroup and stock up on stock parts. On the floor this week, we have:

(1) 66′ x 126′ tent for Sperry Tents Southeast in Virginia

(1) 46′ x 125′ tent for Sperry Tents Marion

(1) Navy Star 24′ x 44′ for Sperry Tents Marion

Lots and lots of stock pennants to fly high above the tents (it’s fun to say “I’m doing pennance” with a sad look on my face, but they are really one of my favorite items to work on!)

46's with lanterns

We have recently finished:

(1) scrap tent-cloth winter cover for Matt’s boat, which is finally cozied up for the winter

(1) A 66′ x 66′ tent for Sperry Tents Southeast in Virginia

(1) A 32′ x 110′ tent for Sperry Tents Marion that went straight down to their winter office in Naples, Florida (lucky tent). This is the first of its size, and we look forward to getting the details about the event.

More pennants!

And lots of new beams for the new Sperry Arch connectors and entrances.

Rafter Panorama

Here is a long rafter in the Wood Shop – my apologies for the blurry quality – we are still working on our panoramic skills.

Oscar the dachsund enjoys the sunshine.

Hmm. . . something to re-set your eyes. Ah, there. Oscar Sunbathing – doesn’t get much clearer than that!

Have a productive week, readers!




Happy Friday Photos

Happy Friday, readers! It’s time again for the Friday Photo Post.


What’s this? A beautiful, hand-varnished new walkway? You can look forward to seeing these out with Sperry Tents this summer!

Snow Rafters

Nothing quite like a sunsrise on a snowy morning!

Well. . . these beauties were installed this summer. But it is nice to see some sunshine in the bleak midwinter!


Rapid Deployment Modules are Rapid. . . but heavy! We have one of these amazing structures here for our ongoing work with Visible Good, whose mission is: To provide shelter to those in need and to those caring for and protecting them.

Have a great weekend, and stay tuned to see what we get up to next week! There’s always something new going on here at the Tent Barn.


Happy New Year!


The Polar Plunge in Mattapoisett on New Year’s Day had a great turn out! The tent was nice and cozy warm, with lots of donated snacks. Click on the photo to visit their facebook page and learn more!


It’s finally chilly here in New England. Our parking lot is slippery, so if you stop by for a visit, watch your step!

Space Travel!

We have a new product – space tents! Just kidding, this is a special reflective cloth which, unfortunately, will not be traveling into space.

Cozy Socks

We’ve got our fancy legwarmers on here – stay warm and stay cozy, readers!

Best wishes in the new year! If you’re thinking of commissioning a shade structure with us, please pick up the phone without delay. Spring may seem far off, but our schedule will fill up faster than any of us expect.

TGIF Photo Post

Happy Friday, readers! We are filling tent orders for the spring, and working on some custom orders for warmer weather as well.

Our annual Christmas party was last week, and we had  a great time! At least 1/4 of the fun is decorating- we are crafty, artsy types after all.

We had our office Christmas party a couple of weeks ago, and we had a great time! At least 1/4 of the fun is decorating- we are crafty, artsy types after all.


The book Tim Sperry wrote about sailing around the world is available for purchase now online! It is also available at Sperry Sails and the Bookstall in Marion, and the Ansel Gurney House in Rochester, MA. It's a great read! They're just about to arrive at Easter Island in my copy...

The book Tim Sperry wrote about sailing around the world is available for purchase now online! It is also available at Sperry Sails and the Bookstall in Marion, and the Ansel Gurney House in Rochester, MA. Check out the review in SoCo Magazine!

One of my favorites: the centerpiece staging area for our Xan's wedding!

Not a new photo, but a good one! These blue bottles from Xan’s wedding this summer always catch my eye.

I'd be lying if I told you we didn't have many vices. (Haha, get it? A pun! Although I think technically they're clamps...)

I’d be lying if I told you we didn’t have many vices. (Haha, get it? A pun! Although I think technically they’re clamps…)

Have a great weekend, everyone. And Happy New Year!

Project Spotlight: Custom sidewalls for the Nantucket Hotel

One of our most recent custom projects was a set of sidewalls for the outdoor dining area at the Nantucket Hotel & Resort. The architecture gave us an unusual space to work with; the second floor protects the pillared seating area from above, and now our sidewalls will make the area into a cozy outdoor space that can easily be heated.

Click through for a panoramic view!

Because of the long-term use this project will see during the winter months, we used heavy glass for its rugged durability. Despite its flexibility, the glass provides an excellent view of the great outdoors – a must for any island hideaway. The bottom opaque panels on the sidewalls are made from Weathermax FR, a durable cloth that is highly resistant to fire, water, and mildew (a must for any outdoor space in New England).

The sidewalls zip up the center, and slide apart smoothly on a brass rod with matching brass jib snaps for utility and nautical flare. With this feature, each zippered sidewall can double as an impromptu doorway.

We were thrilled to work with the well-loved Nantucket Hotel. And you’re in luck – it may not be summer any more, but the Nantucket Hotel and Resort is open year-round. For more information about staying there (and viewing our lovely sidewalls), visit their website at:

If you are interested in commissioning some custom sidewalls of your own, please feel free to call us at the office – our number here is 774.849.3505. They keep in the heat, or keep out the bugs depending on the weather, so it’s really a win/win situation year round!

On the floor this week. . .

I’ll make this post while I have a moment! We have remained remarkably busy through the beginning of what used to be our “slow season”, and I am pleased to report that we have project deadlines stretching out through next summer. Give us a call soon if you want to get your name on our schedule!

What’s that outside? An early present from Santa? No, it’s a special delivery from the boatyard!

On the floor this week, we have:

An awning rebuild – the original was damaged during hurricane Sandy.

A new 46′ x 65′ Sperry Tent

A new 46′ x 125′ Sperry Tent

A new 32′ Round Sperry Tent

A new 24′ Round Sperry Tent

A new 32′ x 70′ Sperry Tent

And a custom sidewall for a restaurant on Nantucket


That is a heck of a list! Some of the tents are rolled up and waiting for the finishing touches – otherwise we wouldn’t be able to see the floor at all.

Downstairs, we are clearing space and installing some shelves that were just delivered. Our storage will be neat and tidy (and hopefully stay that way for a good long time!). Our carpentry space will be organized with new storage areas for fresh lumber and materials. We have a new full-time welder, now that Justin has gone back to school – wish him luck on his finals! Soon we’ll have two full-time welders when Justin is on break – maybe we’ll have a Weld Off. So You Think You Can Weld? America’s Next Top Welder? I’ll see what the boss thinks of taking a day off to stage a fake competition show – if he says yes, I’ll post it on YouTube for your viewing pleasure (I would guess there’s a .00001% chance of that happening, but it’s worth a try).

That’s all for What’s On the Floor This Week, from Sperry Fabric Architecture. Have a Happy Wednesday, and enjoy the rest of your week!


Thank goodness it’s Friday

It’s the Friday before Thanksgiving – are you all getting ready? After some unseasonably warm flip-flop weather early this week, the cold has returned to get us all in the mood to eat some stuffing.

This week, we have been working on a variety of things. Our biggest jobs are completed, but we are thrilled to have steady medium-size jobs coming in as orders, and heading out the door as completed fabric structures.

The tent at the Castle Hill Inn is down and coming in for winter storage, we hear they have had a great season – and we’ll share more photos with you as we find them!

Carrying the Castle Hill Rafters to their winter home – safety first!

These unusual metal nubbins look like science fiction, but work great for their purpose! I’ll post some pictures when this structure is up.

Matt’s brother Tim Sperry (owner of Sperry Tents) has written a book. Tim, Matt, and three friends sailed around the world in the early 90’s. All the way around it! I’ll post more information soon about the book, and how you can get your copy.

As the light is dwindling, we soak up all the sunshine we can! Lucy has her priorities straight, and these are her wee paws during one of her afternoon naps in a good sunning spot.

Have a great weekend, readers, and enjoy the crisp fall air. If you get the chance – take a nap in a pool of sunshine! It’s an excellent way to pass the time.