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Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

Engineering at Sperry Fabric Architecture

Safety concerns have been steadily on the rise in the tenting industry in recent years.  Safety has, of course, always been a concern with responsible craftsman.  However, with growing experience and modern science, we have been able to limit our dependence on good luck and expand our awareness much more efficiently.  Although inconsistencies between tent […]

Savannah at the St. Regis Hotel in Washington, D.C.

In September and October we built a  40′ x 60′ Savannah Series tent for Sperry Tents D.C. – the newest Sperry Tents territory.  Everything went very well on our second Savannah tent.  After it was built, the whole tent was snugly settled into a padded shipping container and driven to the capitol.  Matt and Tim […]


Happy Friday, readers! We’ve been very busy, and as a result this is our first TGIF photo post in a while. Here are a few gems for you…

Savannah Series

Sperry Tents D.C., the most recent Licensed Territory, has ordered a 40′ x 60′ Savannah Series Tent.  With the success of the Savannah Series Pavilion owned by Sperry Tents Marion, it is becoming increasingly apparent that a custom wood framed tent is an important investment for extra special events and locations. Don, our resident carpenter, […]

The 66 Series of Sperry Tents

This week we are building a 66’x66′ tent – the smallest of our 66 Series tents. This is only the third 66’x66′ size tent we have built. To make sure the finished product is up to our standards, we keep labeled diagrams for each tent size with patch locations and detailed instructions.   As we […]

66’x126′: This is actually HUGE!

This may be obvious to you, but 66 feet by 126 feet is very, very large. At first when Matt was designing the tent and we were making the small-scale model of it, the numbers seemed very abstract. At least to me they did. We throw numbers around a lot. The more we talked about […]