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Crisp Flatbread: delicious AND well-shaded

You know that feeling you get, when you wake up and the air is crisp? The sunlight looks like clear water, and you know that fall is just around the corner? Apparently we aren’t there yet. Bummer. You’ll notice, because of how it’s 93 degrees and as humid as it gets outside. But the good […]

Autumn 2014

Autumn has arrived, and the crisp, cool air is rolling in! Being in Rochester is the best – there are orchards with juicy apples and festive pumpkins in every direction.We are well into scheduling autumn take downs of tension awnings, custom canopies, and any seasonal Sperry structures. Knock on wood, we have been able to wait […]

Project Spotlight: Tension Awning in Duxbury, MA

It’s that time again – for another project spotlight! We got to build two awnings this spring out of Sunbrella® in Cadet Gray, a very nice neutral that we have not worked with much before. We installed this lovely specimen in May, while the gardens were happily in bloom, before the excessive heat of this […]

Project Spotlight: Tension Awning in Nonquit, MA

One of our favorite new tension awnings is a made from Herculite Natura vinyl in Antique White, giving shade to a home patio in Nonquitt, MA.  It was installed late this spring, and we could not be happier with its graceful lines and magnificent mahogany posts and beams.  We have been using Natura cloth more […]

Project Spotlight: Manhattan Skyline

This unusual new hybrid of a tension awning and a custom canopy was installed two weeks ago. It resembles the tents of our Savannah Series, with tiny clerestory windows that allow light and a light breeze to enter between canopy and cupola. In large engineered tents a more rigid framed structure is necessary for stability. […]

Project Spotlight September 2011 Tension Awning

Tension awnings come in many shapes, sizes, and materials – especially if we are building them!  Our custom residential awnings are tailored to suit the house and the customer exactly.   This custom fit can be accomplished a few different ways, especially with an attentive, open dialogue between customer and designer. One important question that customers […]

Project Spotlight: The Williams College Commencement Canopy

About 21 years ago Steve Sperry, the founder of Sperry Sails, was hired to build a shelter for the graduation ceremony at Williams College in Williamstown, MA.  There were specific guidelines for the design in order for the finished product to work well with ceremonial logistics. What Steve designed was a tension canopy 40 feet […]