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Previously, on Sperry Fabric Architecture

It’s been such a busy spring!  By spring, I mean as soon as we rung in the New Year (Happy 2014!), the phone started ringing… And hasn’t stopped since!  Here are a few of the projects we have been working on so far, with lots more to come.     Here’s to a busy spring, […]

On The Floor This Week

Good morning, readers! The summer is starting to wind down here, and we have fewer installs going out the doors, and more new designs to work on for next year. We are still making plenty of classic Sperry Tents in a variety of sizes. On the floor this week, we have: (1) 46′ x 65′ […]

Upstairs / Downstairs

It has been nearly a year since the main Sperry Tents office departed our shores for the wilds of the Wareham Industrial Park.  While we miss their excellent company, the move has been beneficial for both businesses in terms of storage, work space, and parking. Business is blooming for Sperry Fabric Architecture, and for Sperry […]

On the floor this week. . .

We are into winter production mode – this is the relatively quiet part of our year. In anticipation of many expected springtime orders, we are taking advantage of the lull to regroup and stock up on stock parts. On the floor this week, we have: (1) 66′ x 126′ tent for Sperry Tents Southeast in […]

On the floor this week. . .

I’ll make this post while I have a moment! We have remained remarkably busy through the beginning of what used to be our “slow season”, and I am pleased to report that we have project deadlines stretching out through next summer. Give us a call soon if you want to get your name on our […]