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Summer 2015 Recap!

We have had a busy year, full of fun design puzzles! Here is a quick lightning-round recap of what we’ve been building in the shop. Now that the cozy season has begun and our seasonal structures are warm and snug in their beds storage bays, we’ll post some project spotlights to show you what type […]

Winding Down the Warm Season

Here’s a timely acronym for you! The WCR! WCR here at the barn is a Wash, Check, and Repair, and it all begins in the fall. After a team takes down an awning, tent, or canopy, it comes back to the barn and takes a long bath. We scrub-a-dub away all of the debris of […]

Thank goodness – it’s time for photos!

Happy Friday! Here is what’s new from the shop – Have a great weekend, readers!

It’s Beginning to Smell a Lot Like Springtime!

Trust me, I know what I’m talking about. Early springtime in coastal Massachusetts always smells like blustery winds and torrential rains. It’s a very good sign – toughens up the flowers. You might try to argue that I am feeling optimistic about anything that will melt the remaining ice crags in my driveway for me […]

Project Spotlight: Mass Maritime Custom Canopy

This spring we built and installed a new Custom Canopy for the Mass Maritime Academy in Buzzards Bay, MA. It was our pleasure to provide a new sailcloth canopy for such a prestigious center for nautical education. The tent replaces an older model they had commissioned with us that had been used for a number […]

Project Spotlight: Custom Canopies in Palm Beach, FL

Several years ago, we built some custom canopies for a private estate in Palm Beach, Florida.  These small poolside cabanas shelter and reduce the glare to an art collection. Never fear – the art is framed in a protective way as well – our canopies are not their only source of protection from the elements. […]

TGIF Photo Post

Project Spotlight: Manhattan Skyline

This unusual new hybrid of a tension awning and a custom canopy was installed two weeks ago. It resembles the tents of our Savannah Series, with tiny clerestory windows that allow light and a light breeze to enter between canopy and cupola. In large engineered tents a more rigid framed structure is necessary for stability. […]

Project Spotlight: Custom Canopies at Newport Shipyard

This spring we built two oval-shaped tents for Newport Shipyard in Newport, RI.  These tents have the Newport Shipyard logo emblazoned on opposing sides for a truly customized look.  The tents themselves are ivory, while the logo is red and blue. Sailors and merry-makers will have a high-peaked respite from both too-nice days and not-nice-enough-days!  […]