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Crisp Flatbread: delicious AND well-shaded

You know that feeling you get, when you wake up and the air is crisp? The sunlight looks like clear water, and you know that fall is just around the corner? Apparently we aren’t there yet. Bummer. You’ll notice, because of how it’s 93 degrees and as humid as it gets outside. But the good […]

Summer 2015 Recap!

We have had a busy year, full of fun design puzzles! Here is a quick lightning-round recap of what we’ve been building in the shop. Now that the cozy season has begun and our seasonal structures are warm and snug in their beds storage bays, we’ll post some project spotlights to show you what type […]

Winding Down the Warm Season

Here’s a timely acronym for you! The WCR! WCR here at the barn is a Wash, Check, and Repair, and it all begins in the fall. After a team takes down an awning, tent, or canopy, it comes back to the barn and takes a long bath. We scrub-a-dub away all of the debris of […]

Project Spotlight: Dune Cottage

The Ocean House in Watch Hill, Rhode Island is an amazing place. The sprawling, classic inn is a bright summery yellow, and is complemented by the grounds and the lovely beach-side restaurant – the Dune Cottage. As the sun warmed quickly to the summer season, we were brought in to design and install a matched […]

Thank goodness – it’s time for photos!

Happy Friday! Here is what’s new from the shop – Have a great weekend, readers!

It’s Beginning to Smell a Lot Like Springtime!

Trust me, I know what I’m talking about. Early springtime in coastal Massachusetts always smells like blustery winds and torrential rains. It’s a very good sign – toughens up the flowers. You might try to argue that I am feeling optimistic about anything that will melt the remaining ice crags in my driveway for me […]

Project Spotlight: Pergola at the Bay Club in Mattapoisett, MA

This summer we installed a new pergola awning at the Bay Club in Mattapoisett, MA. The outdoor dining area was in need of some shade, and we built a custom awning out of our favorite Sunbrella®. The decision-makers selected Burgundy, a lovely deep color that matches the existing patio umbrellas – and some of the […]

Project Spotlight: Tension Awning in Nonquit, MA

One of our favorite new tension awnings is a made from Herculite Natura vinyl in Antique White, giving shade to a home patio in Nonquitt, MA.  It was installed late this spring, and we could not be happier with its graceful lines and magnificent mahogany posts and beams.  We have been using Natura cloth more […]

Project Spotlight September 2011 Tension Awning

Tension awnings come in many shapes, sizes, and materials – especially if we are building them!  Our custom residential awnings are tailored to suit the house and the customer exactly.   This custom fit can be accomplished a few different ways, especially with an attentive, open dialogue between customer and designer. One important question that customers […]


Happy Friday, readers! We’ve been very busy, and as a result this is our first TGIF photo post in a while. Here are a few gems for you…