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Photo Post

Happy Friday Thursday, friends! Have a wonderful weekend!

Winding Down the Warm Season

Here’s a timely acronym for you! The WCR! WCR here at the barn is a Wash, Check, and Repair, and it all begins in the fall. After a team takes down an awning, tent, or canopy, it comes back to the barn and takes a long bath. We scrub-a-dub away all of the debris of […]

On The Floor This Week

Good morning, readers! The summer is starting to wind down here, and we have fewer installs going out the doors, and more new designs to work on for next year. We are still making plenty of classic Sperry Tents in a variety of sizes. On the floor this week, we have: (1) 46′ x 65′ […]

Storm Procedure at Sperry Fabric Architecture

It’s all blue skies as far as the eye can see, and here’s to hoping that the storms this year are as mild as a sleepy kitten. From our blessedly sheltered location inland of Buzzards Bay, we were lucky in that our structures were almost entirely uninstalled before the big storms last year. Bundles of […]

Project Spotlight: Dune Cottage

The Ocean House in Watch Hill, Rhode Island is an amazing place. The sprawling, classic inn is a bright summery yellow, and is complemented by the grounds and the lovely beach-side restaurant – the Dune Cottage. As the sun warmed quickly to the summer season, we were brought in to design and install a matched […]

Thank goodness – it’s time for photos!

Happy Friday! Here is what’s new from the shop – Have a great weekend, readers!

What day is it? Friday!

What’s happening? Has anyone seen April and May? I seem to have lost them. . . a few minutes ago it was cold and there was time to organize everything, and now it appears to be June! Let’s celebrate coming up for air with some photos of recent installations . . . and a mimosa […]

Thank goodness – it’s Friday!

Happy Friday, readers, and Happy Spring! It’s official! Here’s what we have been up to recently:

Upstairs / Downstairs

It has been nearly a year since the main Sperry Tents office departed our shores for the wilds of the Wareham Industrial Park.  While we miss their excellent company, the move has been beneficial for both businesses in terms of storage, work space, and parking. Business is blooming for Sperry Fabric Architecture, and for Sperry […]

It’s Beginning to Smell a Lot Like Springtime!

Trust me, I know what I’m talking about. Early springtime in coastal Massachusetts always smells like blustery winds and torrential rains. It’s a very good sign – toughens up the flowers. You might try to argue that I am feeling optimistic about anything that will melt the remaining ice crags in my driveway for me […]