Springing into 2017!

Hello friends!

It’s been a long time since our last entry. The business is ever growing, despite our occasional nostalgia for a slower pace. Gone are the days of seven people sitting around a wood-stove with muffins at coffee break in the morning. But now we have three locations of wonderful employees thriving and crafting at a bustling pace in a beautiful timber-frame barn, as well as both a Warehouse with tons of space and a 40 foot wash tub, and a new shop in Cornwall, England. It’s hard to go wrong.

We’re having a lovely spring so far, with interesting projects and exciting new design challenges. We’ve taken on someone whose official job is sales and design (who knew!) to oversee customer service and design progression. Hi, Seth! Thanks for joining us!

We have also fallen into the temptation of updating mostly through social media. You’ve probably heard of Instagram, this new-fangled photo medium the kids are into. We love it, too. It’s so easy to upload a beautiful picture of a new structure (with some heart-eye emojis, to boot). Or a picture of the boss’ dog, when she’s just too cute to stand.

Our install schedule is about to fill up, and we’ll have some great new photos for you then. The weather has been playing tricks on us, but we know it’s not warm for good yet. Plant your radishes, but not your zinnias. And when you’re ready for your seasonal awning installation, give us a call! We’re here at 774-849-3505.

Happy Spring, everyone!

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