Crisp Flatbread: delicious AND well-shaded

You know that feeling you get, when you wake up and the air is crisp? The sunlight looks like clear water, and you know that fall is just around the corner?

Apparently we aren’t there yet. Bummer. You’ll notice, because of how it’s 93 degrees and as humid as it gets outside.

But the good news is, our installers are happy – delighted, even? – to meet at the Barn at 4:30 in the morning, and hit the road to beat the heat and the restaurant rush. Plus it’s never the worst to finish up an install at a restaurant around lunchtime.

Crisp Flatbread

the latest: two Sunbrella awnings for Crisp Flatbread in Osterville, MA

TriPod Setup

with a new triple-pole design and faceted finish, the varnish stands out as extra-luminous in contrast with the fresh white fabric


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