Project Spotlight: A Fairytale Savannah Series Wedding

DSC_0200One of the joys of working in the creative field of Fabric Architecture is the passion for the finished product. Our woodworkers take pride in every step of the process – they go to the lumber yard to hand pick their materials – we have some awesome time-lapses of the lamination process! The finish has to be just right. This is their craft, and our wooden structures are unique. As Matt likes the say, no one is crazy enough to do what we do.

DSC_0412Once we take the final measurements of the rafters and their relative distances, the project moves upstairs and we all change gears to begin constructing the fabric. Savannah series tents have a number of careful details to keep everything well-secured and water-tight, and our crew moves quickly through the assembly process. We make sure that everything is just right, and then it’s time to start packing all of the many parts, hardware, tools, and anchors.Savannah Exterior

Even after all that, the part that never ceases to amaze us after years of this work, is the true beauty of the installation. We see the parts on our floor, in the snow, on the back of a truck, being varnished, being sanded, receiving the finishing touches. We can picture it clearly, and sometimes we even have digital renderings of the structure in its future home. But in this case, a picture is worth a thousand imaginings.DSC_0478For this, we can thank our customers. Your love of beauty and respect for our craftsmanship allows us to work by following our passion. The expansion of our business and creative thinking directly correlates to you, our clients, and the spaces that bring you joy.

We are looking forward to this coming spring and summer season, and we will be honored to continue trying to keep up with you!



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