Savannah Series in Paradise

Since there’s snow all over the place, this must be the perfect day to discuss this puppy.  This is a relatively small, rectangular Savannah Series tent that lives in the Bahamas, gently buffeted by sea breezes.


Tragically, I was not in charge of this installation.   Installing a concrete anchored, wood-framed tent is just like writing a blog post, right?   I know, I know, you’re right.  Not exactly the same.  That’s what the boss said, too.

We were thrilled to be hired to build this structure for a small hotel on Harbor Island.  The client was looking for a shade structure for a beautiful existing patio and outdoor dining space.  We loved customizing this Savannah to suit the space, which meant modifying the usual radial-end frame to a rectangular model, and extending the posts to a height of 9’6″ to make sure the gorgeous view was unencumbered.  Instead of our usual varnished pine and fir, we used unfinished cedar to allow for the wood to age in an organic way.  The frame will age from this beautiful tawny red, to a distinguished beach-side silver.

Bahamas Top

We used a lovely, lightweight vinyl for the tent panels to ensure great mildew and UV resistance, and an easy-to-clean surface.

Many thanks to the Ocean View Club for the photos!

What could be more inviting on the Eve of a Massachusetts February?  Stay classy in the sun for us, little tent!

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