Winding Down the Warm Season

Here’s a timely acronym for you! The WCR!

WCR here at the barn is a Wash, Check, and Repair, and it all begins in the fall. After a team takes down an awning, tent, or canopy, it comes back to the barn and takes a long bath. We scrub-a-dub away all of the debris of summer, and the cloth hang dries before coming out onto the floor for a thorough check and repair. We assess the condition of the structure, and go over the stitching to see how it is holding up. After the checkup, we patch any holes, and sew up any loose ends. Then the cloth is bundled, labelled, and snuggled in to our heated storage facility for a rest until the spring installation. Then we fetch another awning and lather, rinse, and repeat! Each step of the WCR(S) process is optional, but we find that all four together yield the best results, with the best longevity for each cloth structure.

Autumn Leaves

Have any questions? Just remember that your awning is still up and the air is cooling down? Give us a call at 774.849.3505 or send me an e-mail at



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