On The Floor This Week

Good morning, readers! The summer is starting to wind down here, and we have fewer installs going out the doors, and more new designs to work on for next year. We are still making plenty of classic Sperry Tents in a variety of sizes.

On the floor this week, we have:

(1) 46′ x 65′ Sperry Tent

(1) 32′ x 90′ Sperry Tent

A mixed batch of clear tent sidewalls for our friends out in sunny California (Hi, Zephyr Tents!)

A couple of tent repairs for the September Wedding Rush

A prototype for Visible Good, a company we greatly enjoy working with. They build and distribute Rapid Deployment Modules for emergency housing and temporary shelters.

Crate Shop

Not this week – but still pretty cool. Steve built a wee shipping crate for an overnight flight to Europe. Have a great trip, 32 x 90!

Have a great week, readers!

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