Storm Procedure at Sperry Fabric Architecture

It’s all blue skies as far as the eye can see, and here’s to hoping that the storms this year are as mild as a sleepy kitten.

From our blessedly sheltered location inland of Buzzards Bay, we were lucky in that our structures were almost entirely uninstalled before the big storms last year. Bundles of fabric architecture weathered the storms snuggled cozily into the Check & Repair bays of our heated storage here at the barn. Unfortunately a couple of structures were badly damaged during the surprising force of  hurricane Sandy, and have since been rebuilt.

As a talisman against big weather this year, to follow are some details about our structures and the procedure we recommend in the event of a big storm at any time of year.

All of our structures are designed to be able to withstand the normal spectrum of weather activity. By “normal” I certainly do not mean “fair weather” – a ship’s sail is a sturdy thing, and the baseline for all of our work lies in the sailmaker’s craft. For more exposed locations, we take extra care to make sure that the structure is fabricated specifically to endure high winds and more extreme exposure. That being said, hurricanes are fickle and unpredictable, and hurricane-force winds are well outside the normal range of weather conditions.

If any of our customers have questions about the weather report, we absolutely encourage them to call and ask away at 774.849.3505 or to e-mail us at info@sperryfabricarchitecture. As a small company, we are very familiar with the design of each structure, and we will be more than happy to give advice about what the best course of action will be.

We provide short notice take-downs for extreme weather situations and encourage our customers to call us as early as possible if they begin to feel concerned about their fabric structure.  With a storm looming, there are quite enough preparations to make without having to worry about a brand new shade-sail sailing away.  We take pride in our customer service – especially in these situations – and the proverbial “better safe than sorry” absolutely applies when it comes to your home and peace of mind.

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