Project Spotlight: Dune Cottage

Dune Cottage Deck(3)_newsmall

Look at that view. . . stunning!
The ocean is nice, too.
Photos courtesy of Ocean House and © Chip Riegel

The Ocean House in Watch Hill, Rhode Island is an amazing place. The sprawling, classic inn is a bright summery yellow, and is complemented by the grounds and the lovely beach-side restaurant – the Dune Cottage. As the sun warmed quickly to the summer season, we were brought in to design and install a matched pair of tension awnings to shade and shelter diners at the Dune Cottage.

Dune Cottage Deck (2)_new small

New awnings, the Dune Cottage, and the Ocean House itself peeking from the background.
Photo courtesy of Ocean House and © Chip Riegel

These awnings are made from one of our favorite heavy-duty cloths for use in long-term installations. Despite their rugged qualities, the awnings appear weightless and delicate, complementing the gingerbread trim on the Dune Cottage and the lighthearted summertime atmosphere.

image small

There is a playful contrast between the classic building and the modern tension awnings.

The posts and spars for these awnings were lovingly crafted in the wood shop here, made out of Douglas Fir and varnished well to protect against the elements. The stainless steel hardware is nautical strength, and will prevent rust and corrosion. The awnings have been party to a number of crowds this summer at some fantastic summer events. You can read more about the events at Ocean House and the Dune Cottage on their events website.

Stay tuned to see photos of the kitchen awning we are building right now for the hardworking chefs, slaving over the hot stove and under the hot sun. We can’t change the heat of the stove, but we can certainly add some shade to the equation!

If you like the looks of these awnings and think you might need one (or two, or three) of your own, please give us a call at 774-849-3505, or send us an e-mail at

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