Upstairs / Downstairs

It has been nearly a year since the main Sperry Tents office departed our shores for the wilds of the Wareham Industrial Park.  While we miss their excellent company, the move has been beneficial for both businesses in terms of storage, work space, and parking. Business is blooming for Sperry Fabric Architecture, and for Sperry Tents – they have two new rental locations this year, along with winter satellites in fair weather locations like Florida.

We have just passed through the slow part of our year – if you blinked, you may have missed it! I took a little nap one day (off the clock of course), and it seems to have passed us by. We are gearing up for tremendous spring and summer seasons, but during our small amount of maintenance catch-up time, we made a lot of progress.


is where we hide our offices. My desk, Xan’s, and Matt’s are tucked into a niche around the corner from the stairs. The old Sperry Tents offices are now divided and used for storage and office-space for special guests (Hi, Michelle!) Out on the floor we have lots of space for fabric architecture construction. Sperry Tents orders are being filled, and we are beginning to forge ahead with custom structures for the upcoming installation season.





is where our carpenters and welders work their magic. We have some storage shelving as well, but with a much smaller profile than the previous arrangement. Tent orders will be staged here while they await adoption, and finished repairs will snuggle in for a long winter’s nap. To mention the carpentry shop specifically would be a bit of a misnomer – the entirety of the downstairs (excepting the welding nook) is dedicated to the craft of woodworking, with a small protected nook for metal welding. Our wooden structures are growing in size and complexity at quite a brisk rate, and often long expanses of space are needed for lamination.

Savannah Spars


Hipstamatic Spars 2

With each change we make, we are using more of the space to its full potential. Of course, with the way things have been going, we may need to start pulling tent permits and working outside to supplement our space! That’s alright – we know where we can find some big tents. We welcome our customers to stop by and see the facility.

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