Project Spotlight: the Sperry Arch


This winter we have been developing a new structure. The new Sperry Arch has been both inspired and informed by experiences constructing our wood-framed Savannah series tents. On a smaller scale, similar rafters and a strong, handcrafted wooden support structure make a wonderful connector, walkway, entryway, or stand-alone shelter. The Sperry arch is similar in function to a self-sufficient pergola with a graceful, arched appearance.


The dimensions of the main Arch are 16’4″ across on the inside and 18′ x 10″ outside.  This has been specially designed for a double-wide tent to tent connection between two of our signature Sperry Tents, and the elegant hard-wood flooring that Sperry Tents providers use for event rentals.


The dimensions of the small Arch are 10’6″ inside, and 14’x10′ outside. These are perfectly suited to a smaller profile entryway or walkway for Sperry events and use for private homes and gardens.


Shown here with two 32 foot round Sperry tents, the connector and entrance Arches are in their element. Both have edging string-lines that will allow for clear or solid sidewalls to be attached in inclement weather. If you use your imagination, it is possible to think of any number of useful spaces for such a sheltering arch. Between a house and a free-standing garage, perhaps. Or sheltering an outdoor seating area that receives too much direct sunlight during the middle of the day. Part of what we like about this structure is its versatility – and, of course, its elegant, varnished appearance. The entire structure is manufactured here in our wood-shop, and our carpenters have done a fantastic job with them.

Later this spring, we will be installing at least two custom archways as shade structures for hospitality venues. Stay tuned to see some pictures of the arches free-standing with a view onto some spectacular scenery!


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