On the floor this week. . .

We are into winter production mode – this is the relatively quiet part of our year. In anticipation of many expected springtime orders, we are taking advantage of the lull to regroup and stock up on stock parts. On the floor this week, we have:

(1) 66′ x 126′ tent for Sperry Tents Southeast in Virginia

(1) 46′ x 125′ tent for Sperry Tents Marion

(1) Navy Star 24′ x 44′ for Sperry Tents Marion

Lots and lots of stock pennants to fly high above the tents (it’s fun to say “I’m doing pennance” with a sad look on my face, but they are really one of my favorite items to work on!)

46's with lanterns

We have recently finished:

(1) scrap tent-cloth winter cover for Matt’s boat, which is finally cozied up for the winter

(1) A 66′ x 66′ tent for Sperry Tents Southeast in Virginia

(1) A 32′ x 110′ tent for Sperry Tents Marion that went straight down to their winter office in Naples, Florida (lucky tent). This is the first of its size, and we look forward to getting the details about the event.

More pennants!

And lots of new beams for the new Sperry Arch connectors and entrances.

Rafter Panorama

Here is a long rafter in the Wood Shop – my apologies for the blurry quality – we are still working on our panoramic skills.

Oscar the dachsund enjoys the sunshine.

Hmm. . . something to re-set your eyes. Ah, there. Oscar Sunbathing – doesn’t get much clearer than that!

Have a productive week, readers!




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