On the floor this week. . .

I’ll make this post while I have a moment! We have remained remarkably busy through the beginning of what used to be our “slow season”, and I am pleased to report that we have project deadlines stretching out through next summer. Give us a call soon if you want to get your name on our schedule!

What’s that outside? An early present from Santa? No, it’s a special delivery from the boatyard!

On the floor this week, we have:

An awning rebuild – the original was damaged during hurricane Sandy.

A new 46′ x 65′ Sperry Tent

A new 46′ x 125′ Sperry Tent

A new 32′ Round Sperry Tent

A new 24′ Round Sperry Tent

A new 32′ x 70′ Sperry Tent

And a custom sidewall for a restaurant on Nantucket


That is a heck of a list! Some of the tents are rolled up and waiting for the finishing touches – otherwise we wouldn’t be able to see the floor at all.

Downstairs, we are clearing space and installing some shelves that were just delivered. Our storage will be neat and tidy (and hopefully stay that way for a good long time!). Our carpentry space will be organized with new storage areas for fresh lumber and materials. We have a new full-time welder, now that Justin has gone back to school – wish him luck on his finals! Soon we’ll have two full-time welders when Justin is on break – maybe we’ll have a Weld Off. So You Think You Can Weld? America’s Next Top Welder? I’ll see what the boss thinks of taking a day off to stage a fake competition show – if he says yes, I’ll post it on YouTube for your viewing pleasure (I would guess there’s a .00001% chance of that happening, but it’s worth a try).

That’s all for What’s On the Floor This Week, from Sperry Fabric Architecture. Have a Happy Wednesday, and enjoy the rest of your week!


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