Thank goodness it’s Friday

It’s the Friday before Thanksgiving – are you all getting ready? After some unseasonably warm flip-flop weather early this week, the cold has returned to get us all in the mood to eat some stuffing.

This week, we have been working on a variety of things. Our biggest jobs are completed, but we are thrilled to have steady medium-size jobs coming in as orders, and heading out the door as completed fabric structures.

The tent at the Castle Hill Inn is down and coming in for winter storage, we hear they have had a great season – and we’ll share more photos with you as we find them!

Carrying the Castle Hill Rafters to their winter home – safety first!

These unusual metal nubbins look like science fiction, but work great for their purpose! I’ll post some pictures when this structure is up.

Matt’s brother Tim Sperry (owner of Sperry Tents) has written a book. Tim, Matt, and three friends sailed around the world in the early 90’s. All the way around it! I’ll post more information soon about the book, and how you can get your copy.

As the light is dwindling, we soak up all the sunshine we can! Lucy has her priorities straight, and these are her wee paws during one of her afternoon naps in a good sunning spot.

Have a great weekend, readers, and enjoy the crisp fall air. If you get the chance – take a nap in a pool of sunshine! It’s an excellent way to pass the time.

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