Project Spotlight: Custom Canopies in Palm Beach, FL

Several years ago, we built some custom canopies for a private estate in Palm Beach, Florida.Ā  These small poolside cabanas shelter and reduce the glare to an art collection. Never fear – the art is framed in a protective way as well – our canopies are not their only source of protection from the elements. The bright, tropical sun slightly accelerated the natural lifespan of the first generation of canopies, and we rebuilt and installed the new ones in August.

This trio of awnings really lucked out on location – they have a nice view of the pool, the ocean off to the left, and a beautiful green lawn. Not to mention the statuary and framed art that they shelter. We built these awnings out of FiresistĀ® , a fabric with an excellent UV resistance rating and fun color options that include classic solids and stripes.

Three Canopies

The long-distance section of our client directory is growing steadily, and we are excited to be installing fabric structures in new places around the country (soon – the world?). This autumn we will have big installations in Texas and Maryland, stay tuned to read more about them!


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