Project Spotlight: Tension Awning in Duxbury, MA

A Cadet Grey Sunbrella® awning, installed this spring.

It’s that time again – for another project spotlight! We got to build two awnings this spring out of Sunbrella┬« in Cadet Gray, a very nice neutral that we have not worked with much before. We installed this lovely specimen in May, while the gardens were happily in bloom, before the excessive heat of this summer hit.

The relatively extreme twist of this awning is a great example of the anatomy of a tension awning. In any direction, rain will slide down and away, preventing any potentially harmful pooling on the surface of the cloth. Our talented woodworkers give the straight, simple posts a casual elegance. The attachments to the house and rock wall provide stability, while the awning is still able to move slightly in weather, maintaining a healthy flexibility.

Duxbury Tension Awning from Below

What a lovely spot to relax in the shade!

One of the many details that make a tension awning like this unique is its customized design. Rather than building standard awnings in a ready-to-install fashion, we take the location and client’s wishes into consideration a great deal. If you are interested in an awning like this, or like these, please give us a call!

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