Thank goodness – a long weekend!

Happy Labor Day Weekend, readers!

My condolences to those of you heading back to school. My congratulations to anyone enjoying this break from the extreme summer heat we experienced this year (I know I am!)

We will be closed Monday for the holiday. Please feel free to leave us a message at 774-849-3505, or e-mail us at!

And now, on to the photos!

I’m really fond of these photos from the day we set up the new 83′ x 83′. I just love the way the different panels meet up with the peak!

This is a fantastic shot of the dressing rooms we built for the Levi Strauss store in SOHO, NYC. Many thanks to photographer Rico Schwartzberg!

I’m glad we have some of that clear blue sky here today!

Go have a great weekend. . . . or else.*

*I’m bluffing, I can’t follow that threat up with anything. And I think the guys were just glaring at me because they were about to lift really heavy stuff and I was telling them to say cheese.

Seriously though, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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