Project Spotlight: Tension Awning in Nonquit, MA

One of our favorite new tension awnings is a made from Herculite Natura vinyl in Antique White, giving shade to a home patio in Nonquitt, MA.  It was installed late this spring, and we could not be happier with its graceful lines and magnificent mahogany posts and beams.  We have been using Natura cloth more and more lately – while it is heavy to work with, it is extremely durable and capable of withstanding quite a lot of abuse from the elements.  Waterproof and UV protected, it has a limited warranty of 8 years from the company that produces it.

The day of the installation was full of clouds and fog – we have some photos from that day, too, but the ones I am using for this post really do justice to the whole outdoor space. Our very own Robin took these lovely photos on a beautiful day.  Since she constructed all of the mahogany spars, we thought it was only fair to send her out with a camera to see how it all went!

The red doors and white trim complement the ultra-nautical feel of the awning very well.  The high house attachments  for awning corners, and significant angles should provide excellent coverage from both rain and unwanted UV rays.  As a self-proclaimed awning enthusiast (is there a magazine called Awning Fancy?), I think the view of house and awning together is just exquisite.

Well. . . the view from under the awning isn’t so bad, either.

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