Project Spotlight: Manhattan Skyline

A view any city-lover would admire!

This unusual new hybrid of a tension awning and a custom canopy was installed two weeks ago. It resembles the tents of our Savannah Series, with tiny clerestory windows that allow light and a light breeze to enter between canopy and cupola. In large engineered tents a more rigid framed structure is necessary for stability. At this size, evenly distributed tension and great angles do the work for us!

The canopy shelters a beautiful seating area, floating aloft with tension attachments above and below the perimeter edge.

We used Sunbrella® for this canopy, a classic marine and awning cloth ideal for use in long-term outdoor structures.  The pronged metal wheel that supports the cupola of the canopy was welded here in our shop, and a small center pole brings up the peak in the center.  Even without the large framing structure of our Savannah series, the distributed tension and sturdy attachments are excellent in wind and weather – a gusty rainstorm passed through the area just as Matt was finishing the installation, and although the rain was entering horizontally, the structure itself was perfectly happy to stay right where it was.

This lovely canopy is now part of a tranquil oasis in busy urban surroundings.  What do you think of the new design?  We are thrilled with it, but of course. . . we’re bias*.


*A sewing pun!  What fun!

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