Project Spotlight: Custom Canopies at Newport Shipyard

If you stop by the Newport Shipyard, catch some shade under the tents!

This spring we built two oval-shaped tents for Newport Shipyard in Newport, RI.  These tents have the Newport Shipyard logo emblazoned on opposing sides for a truly customized look.  The tents themselves are ivory, while the logo is red and blue.

The unique over-the-edge placement of the tent was a fun exercise in angled tent poles.

Sailors and merry-makers will have a high-peaked respite from both too-nice days and not-nice-enough-days!  After being out on a boat all day (/week/ month/ year) I can imagine how welcome some shade on the docks will be.

There is no better backdrop than some classic wooden sailing vessels, am I right?

If you’re sailing by, take a peek at the new tents!  And if you find yourself thinking you might need a new tent in your life, give us a call at 774.849.3505.


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