Thank goodness it’s Friday (and it snowed!)

It’s our first second snowy morning here in Rochester, Mass. and it looks so fluffy and nice!  I hope you’re all feeling cozy today, and can find some time for a hot chocolate or three.

It's finally winter here in New England!

Arriving at work when the sun is rising does have its perks... Great light for photos.

Is this a good looking pair of dressing rooms, or what? This prototype is on its way to the Levi Strauss flagship store in San Francisco. Pardon the intensely antiqued photo - I got carried away taking pictures of such a cool project made out of recycled Army tents.

We have returned to Disco season - the sun has come around to shine on the disco ball directly. The Christmas Shark is now the Disco Shark.

Have a wonderful weekend, readers!  Enjoy the winter weather and look forward to balmy summer days (under a Sperry awning, perhaps. . .)

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