TGIF Photo Post

Happy New Year, readers!  We rung in the new year with new cloth – Sperry tents are back in production, along with some large custom jobs that will be going up this spring.

The new cloth has finally arrived! We are happy to see it and get back into tent production.

The light at the cutting machine still works perfectly to prevent cloth flaws from appearing in tents.

Securing the peaks of a large tent can be a fairly time consuming endeavor. (Eric and Rene say they didn't plan their matching shirts. . . I'm not sure if I believe them.)

The custom jobs are still progressing nicely down in the wood and metal shop (which often extends out the garage doors to make more space).

Have a wonderful weekend! Now is a great time of year to daydream about sunshine.  If your imagination is excellent and you can picture a day too hot, on a patio that hurts your feet, give us a call about a new awning!


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