Savannah at the St. Regis Hotel in Washington, D.C.

In September and October we built a  40′ x 60′ Savannah Series tent for Sperry Tents D.C. – the newest Sperry Tents territory.  Everything went very well on our second Savannah tent.  After it was built, the whole tent was snugly settled into a padded shipping container and driven to the capitol.  Matt and Tim Sperry went down in November to set up the tent for an event at the St. Regis Hotel – the site of the Engaged! Magazine Bridal Show this past spring.

At both events, the Savannah Series tent was located on the beautiful Astor Terrace. Photo credit: Steve Canning Photography

The unexpected plot twist of the whole production came after the event at the St. Regis.  It went so well, that the Hotel bought the tent from the Sperry Tents D.C.!  This change of plan, despite being unexpected,  has worked out quite well for everyone involved.  The St. Regis has their own Savannah Series tent to shelter the Astor Terrace – their outdoor event space.  We made a few custom modifications, along with some brand new custom sidewalls and marquees that will form hallways between the building and the tent itself.  By the time the event season picks up, we will have delivered a replacement tent to Sperry Tents D.C. for rental from their location.  And from our perspective – we are just delighted!  It is wonderful to know that the careful time, planning, and manufacturing that goes into such a monumental tent is truly appreciated.  Matt returned to the St. Regis in mid-December to set up the tent at the St. Regis, and ensure that all of the new accessories are a good fit.

The arched windows and solid door allow the event space to be completely enclosed.

With each Savannah tent we build, we are further able to perfect the production and design.  The custom sides for the St. Regis Hotel are the same basic measurements as the originals, but each one features a paneled arched window to match the windows of the building itself.  Select sides have Velcro lined cut-outs for the ventilation of Heating and Cooling units to maintain the temperature and humidity of the event space, while the space between the canopy and the top cupola is completely enclosed with clear vinyl.

The fully finished pine frame and stainless steel hardware make up the frame for the sturdy, year-round structure.

With the next Savannah series tent underway, we are very pleased with the way this line of tents is being received.  The next tent will be the largest yet – a 50′ x 110′ spread for Castle Hill Inn in Newport, RI.  Stay tuned for future photos of that tent.

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