Thank goodness it’s Friday!

The days seem longer somehow, when the daylight is shorter!  Or it could just be the lessening of the frantic summer pace.  We are still moving right along with stock tents (call to see what we have available!), and working on custom awnings that will be installed in the spring.

These custom cushions were built for a window seat in the master bedroom of a private residence in Duxbury, MA.

We often use Sunbrella® marine and awning fabric for easy to clean and liquid resistant cushions, an exellent option for families with children - as we all know, snack accidents do happen.

We have done a huge amount of work on the spars for the next Savannah Series tent!

After we laminate them, we neaten the edges of the spars uniformly, before the sanding and varnishing begins.

We hope you have had a great week, and will have an even greater weekend!

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