TGIF, and batten down the hatches!

Happy Friday, everyone!  We hope your storm preparations are going well and smoothly.  Today might be a busy day for us, potentially taking down and securing awnings all over the state.  It will be even busier for Sperry Tents, with 20+ scheduled events this Saturday night, that will need to be broken down very quickly before the storm hits.

This week we enjoyed the cooler, drier weather, and sighed to see the return of the humidity.  But!  We have tent cloth, and lots of interesting custom projects, so all is well in terms of productivity.

The colorful webbing straps are aesthetically pleasing and color-coded for the ease of fly set-up!

Those colorful straps go with roofs and shade flies for Rapid Deployment Modules. The walls are solid, but the roofs are made from cloth.

Check out the Cricket Systems website for some really fun videos about these structures!

Our patch cloth seems to be getting larger with every shipment. . . .

Are you out there, Sam? If we didn't know better, we might think you were messing with us. . . 900 lbs is a lot to move by hand.

Good luck in the storm, and have a great weekend.

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