The 66 Series of Sperry Tents

The four peaks of a 66' x 66' tent.This week we are building a 66’x66′ tent – the smallest of our 66 Series tents. This is only the third 66’x66′ size tent we have built. To make sure the finished product is up to our standards, we keep labeled diagrams for each tent size with patch locations and detailed instructions.

A small scale model for the 66 x 66 tent.


As we do for all of our new tents, we first inspected the 66’x66′ as a small model. These to-scale models are carefully set up with gear built to match. Among other things, we test the models for water shedding ability, proper angles, and structural concerns.


Due to their large size, we use extra reinforcing elements in the centers of 66 series tents. This extra webbing is very important because the tenting crews use extra force in pulling these tents taut.  The extra leverage prevents the four (or more) center poles from leaning towards each other.

The 66′ tents are ideal for venues with wide outdoor spaces. We have determined the maximum number of people that the tents can hold for three different types of events. Events with dining and dancing reserve space for a full dance floor, table seating, and a stage for live music. The other options are dining only with table seating and cocktails or a ceremony, at which most people will be standing for the duration. The allowances for these three types of events – dining and dancing / dining only / cocktails or ceremony – are:

66’x66′: 220 / 260 / 490
66’x86′: 290 / 350 / 650
66’x106′: 360 / 440 / 820
66’x126′: 440 / 520 / 980
The 66' x 126' tent on the beach in Florida.

Since the first 66 Series tent was built last summer, their popularity has grown with licensed territories and customers alike.  A wider rectangle is often ideal for event planning and organization, and these tents provide spacious measurements with signature Sperry elegance.  If you are considering a tent like this for any event, call your local Sperry Tents for availability.  And if you are looking to buy one, please feel free to give us a call any time.

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