Project Spotlight: Southampton Awning

This spring we built a custom canopy and matching accessories for a customer in Southampton, NY. Everything about this project was interesting for us, because of its unique construction and unusual design. This project was a collaboration with landscape lighting designer Greg Yale.

Mahogany awning and matching bar in Southampton, NY


Part of what made this canopy unique was the visual focus on beams and hardware. These structural supports frequently take a backseat to the canopy itself, remaining subtle and hidden. In this case the client wanted a nautical theme, and this made the construction of the mahogany structure very important. Don built the largest spar in a box section, as a sailboat mast would be built. After he shaped and sanded them, he applied many coats of varnish. The awning and spars together made for an elegant and sturdy interpretation of a sailing vessel.



The hardware pieces are traditional cast bronze ship fixings, and they were purchased through R&W Rope in New Bedford. Bronze is used for nautical hardware because of its strength and excellent resistance to seawater. Although this awning will likely not receive the full effect of direct sea spray, salt-resistant metals are important in any area with humid ocean breezes.



The canopy itself was built with Oyster Sunbrella®, a fabric we frequently use for awnings and canopies, as well as boat canvas projects at our Marion location. Sunbrella® is one of the most commonly used performance fabrics, with a wide variety of situational variations. They are known for their easy to clean and water resistant fabrics for most indoor and outdoor applications for structures and upholstery.

We built the matching bar from mahogany as well, with small Sunbrella®panels enclosing its frame. This allows for a sturdy, but lightweight structure that will allow plenty of air movement. The top of the bar is cast concrete, and the matching walls were built much like miniature versions of the canopy itself.

All of the pictures of this project to date can be found here in Matt’s photoshop gallery!

Do you like the looks of this canopy? Want one of your own? Please, leave us a comment or give us a call!

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