Be Aware of Dogs

Sperry Sails, at all of our locations, is a dog friendly business. Our employees are allowed to bring their dogs, provided that said dogs pass the test in terms of behavioral requirements. They have to be dog and person-friendly, calm, and quiet. Although we are dog-friendly, we ask that you not bring your own dogs in for a visit unless previously arranged. Doggy meet-and-greets can be somewhat overstimulating.

A gathering of dogs at the loft.

Dogs L to R: Oscar, Lucy, Hayley, and Zeus!

For the most part, the dogs at our loft are free-range. They have been trained to stay off the working floor and out of trouble, while some are in training and more restricted.

If you stop by, here are a few things you should know! This applies to our dogs specifically, but also to all unfamiliar dogs you may encounter.

  • It is best not to approach a dog in a place they identify as their territory. If you must, please be careful and cautious. This can apply to their bed or home, but is most often an issue in the vehicle of the owner. A car or truck, for a dog that travels, is often more constant even than the home. Because of this, they often feel obliged to defend the vehicle until the owner returns.
  • If a dog is anything but entirely courteous (a little lady or gentleman) do not encourage their bad behavior by interacting with them! Never pet a dog who is barking, trying to jump, or behaving in anything but a calm and courteous manner. This is not at all rude on your part, but an important part of training – only polite puppies get petted.
  • It is always a good idea to ask the dog owner before petting the dog. I like to think of it this way: I certainly would not physically interact with an unfamiliar baby without asking, and a baby will almost never bite at first contact.
  • Dogs do not like: feeling cornered, excessive eye contact, or aggressive physical posturing. If you’ve ever seen a child taunt a tethered dog, you may have noticed that sneaky and/or mischievous body language before any taunting begins is what bothers the dog the most.
  • Allow the dog to smell you, and offer your hand underhand – palm up. This gesture is associated with snacks, rather than any kind of aggression. After you have been sniffed, the dog will let you know if it is interested in being petted and it is important to pay attention to those signals!
Bunbury the dog reclines on the loft porch.

Bunbury sits on the porch at the Marion Loft.

Zeus naps on a tent.

Zeus as a puppy, napping on a tent bag while we work.

Oscar the dachsund enjoys the sunshine.

Oscar: King of the Dogs

We have never had a problem with our dogs, but please be aware that they are here! They don’t do much in terms of actual productivity, but they do provide moral support throughout the day. If you are coming in for an appointment or consultation of some kind and have a phobia or serious concern, please call ahead and let us know, at 774.849.3505.

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