66’x126′: This is actually HUGE!

The 66' x 126' tent on the beach in Florida. This may be obvious to you, but 66 feet by 126 feet is very, very large. At first when Matt was designing the tent and we were making the small-scale model of it, the numbers seemed very abstract. At least to me they did. We throw numbers around a lot. The more we talked about it and got into the actuality of beginning production, it really sunk in that this tent is huge! As the sea of cloth expanded around us on the floor and we followed our diagrams like pirates searching for treasure, we realized that this tent is actually bigger (width and lengthwise) than this building! And this is by no means a small building. If you’ve seen our loft, for perspective, we are 48’x108′. This tent is 66’x126‘.

The exotic lighting for the 66 x 126 takes advantage of the large surface area.

The debut of the first 66’x126′ tent was on the beach in Florida at a corporate party held in July. Sperry Tents Virginia, also known as Skyline Tent Company, took excellent advantage of such a large canvas with their exotic lighting design.


The canopy of the 66 x 126 tent.At a wedding this tent will comfortably wine and dine between 400 and 440 people.  That allows for a large dance floor, tables, seating, and a stage and live band!


The 66' x 126' tent in the moonlight.With the 66’x126′ tent clients will no longer have to compromise between an outdoor setting and a long guest list. They can plan on having both.

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